Friday, August 31, 2007

Could've Been Worse

That's about all there is to say about the long run today. I had 2h 10m on the books, so I decided to tread down the hills and into town for a run along the Rillito River path. This is a good out and back for Twin Cities, as it forces me back up and through Gut-Check Alley during the last third of the run. While some have remarked that the hills towards the end of the marathon in Minnesota aren't so bad, I still think working hills into the later portions of a long run can only help.

Or maybe not. I really wanted today to feel good, as I've been a bit nervous about the fatigue I've felt during runs of two hours or more. While I'm sure it's been there before, it seems pushed more to the front of my mind this time around. Part of me thinks that with enough longer runs over the years I would be over this sort of thing, but as I worked back up the hills during miles 13-17 I definitely felt a bit of pressure. While things did ease off for the last two miles, I'd much rather not have any bad patches this close to the big day.

In short, I wanted to finish thinking I had another 10 miles in me, and today just didn't go that way. Still, the pace was reasonable, and with two easy days ahead I think I'll be able to recover for a good race on Monday.

Training: 19.6 miles, 2:10:03, 6:39 pace

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