Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Miss Independent

Afternoon showers make for sultry mornings in Tucson, Arizona.

The hill phase I'm currently enjoying should probably be called a transition phase. In fact, that's what Mystery Coach has called it all along, but the reasons for that are only starting to hit me now. Along with the hill circuit workouts and the back to back workouts, I'm starting to implement a bit of preliminary speedwork. The goal is to get the legs ready for the relatively short anaerobic phase ahead, and if today was any indicator it's obvious I'm not ready yet.

Today's run was pretty much two miles easy, followed by 1 mile on the track with 600 meters of effort. Rinse and repeat three times for a total of four segments, then add one easy mile back to the house. The composition of the 600 meters was up to me, and I was encouraged to mix it up a bit. This was my take:
1. 6x100 accelerations to full speed, w/100 rest on the first 4 and 300 rest on the last two.
2. 3x200 w/200 rest in 34, 33, 33
3. 1x400 in 73, 400 rest, 1x200 in 33
4. 1x600 in 1:53

The legs dragged a bit by the last 600, which I did as one interval mostly to end things sooner. The times could be worse, and they were slower yesterday when I did 3x200 before the hills in 36, 35, 35. This time on the 200's I tried to run the turns very steady, then attempted to find my last gear on the homestretch. This seemed to work fairly well, though running in near total darkness yesterday probably accounts for that day's slower splits.

I'm feeling altogether clunky during these introductory sessions, and it's going to take some work to get me running quickly in a straight line again. Hopefully getting a jump on speedwork with these abbreviated sessions will pay off, and if I'm lucky I won't feel buried tomorrow when I start the weekly back to back runs.

At home things are changing a bit, as our daughter Haiden started her first week of her 5-day kindergarten bridges program. She's clearly enjoying her new-found independence, and she demonstrated as much while working with Kiera (my wife) on her first homework assignment. Kiera traced Haiden's outline while lying on a large piece of butcher paper, then it was Haiden's job to decide how to draw and color herself in. First came the dress, then the soccer shoes (she's never played soccer but they had the cleats and everything), followed by a little purse.

Then came the tattoos.

First on one arm, then the other. If I remember right one was a flower, and I imagine the second was a cat or similar. Kiera thought she was finished, but Haiden had other ideas. "I need one more tattoo," she announced while bringing the crayon up to the forehead of her likeness. "Are you sure, Haiden?", Kiera asked. "You already have two tattoos, that might be enough." Haiden's response: "I can do what I want, mom."

When all the paper cutouts of Haiden's class are taped up outside her school building, I am reasonably sure there will only be one child with a pink bunny tattoo smack in the middle of her forehead.

That's our girl.

Training: 13 miles, 1:31:44, 7:03 pace, w/6x100, 3x200 in 34, 33, 33, 1x400 in 1:13 , 1x200 in 33, 1x600 in 1:53 (2 miles between each block of 600, mostly even recoveries)


Anonymous said...

2 questions- 1) Do you include any strides during your conditioning phase or is this the first?
2) Is this mystery coach taking any clients? Sure seems like a good guy.

I'm just an onlooker/lydiard student. Thanks for the blog and answering my silly questions.

Mike said...

1) I would do a few strides before my 2 mile evaluation runs on Sundays, but generally that was it. I'm hoping to change that for next time around.

2) You'll have to ask him on that. You can email him from his profile or from the email he listed on the Ask Mystery Coach Mondays post. I can't emphasize enough just what he's done to help me with my running, so I'd say yes on the "good guy" part.

Thomas said...

As I'm nearing the end of said phase myself I can say that the words "hill phase" and "enjoying" do not go together.

At least it's a pink bunny tattoo, not a monster. That's what Shea would draw, and he's only 6.

There's one thing I never quite managed to understand. Are those short repeats really beneficiary for a marathon runner? I'm sure you need them if your distance is 5k, but do they really help for a marathon?

Greg said...

That seems like a pretty tough workout to do the day before your back to back workouts. In essence, that's 3 pretty tough days in a row. I hope everything goes good today!

My daughter also has a fascination with Soccer although she's never played. Personally, I think it's the Dora effect.

the wife said...

Actually, the tattoos were on her ankles. One was a soccer ball and the other was indeed a flower.