Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red to Green

After second-guessing and bailing out early during my three workouts last week, I was beginning to get a bit of a complex. However, with one day off and two easy days under my belt I had no reason to think today's 4x2 mile intervals at 5:42-5:43 pace w/1 mile easy in-between would be that difficult. The easy mile was supposed to be at 6:40, with the option to go faster if I felt good or slower if I felt bad.

I had the second running shift this morning since Kiera met a friend at 5:15, so my new 1 mile flat course was over-run with parents driving their kids to the two nearby schools at 6:45. I took to my old, familiar 1 mile up and down loop instead, and got right to it after an easy mile of warm up. The first two went by quickly in 5:39 (slightly downhill to the loop) and 5:42, and a 6:35 recovery mile felt just about right. The second set found me breathing a bit heavy, but I still kept fairly relaxed at 5:42 and 5:41. A slower mile right at 6:40 put me on the line for the third set feeling a bit overheated and a little skeptical. 5:42 and 5:40 followed, and by the end of the 6th mile I felt conflicted about the legs feeling tired. By all accounts I should have felt much better, and any thoughts of looking forward to nailing the last two miles had turned quickly to maybe surviving just one more mile like last week.

I consciously slowed for the last recovery mile, hoping that by relaxing enough my legs would get back under me. The lap pace kept creeping up, and with 400 to go I tried the old trick of visualizing the fatigue and stress I was feeling slowly draining out from the bottom of my feet. The clock ticked 6:56 to end the easy mile, I'd emptied out the red and was left with green. After all, this was just two miles of tempo, not the end-all battle of good against evil. 5:40, 5:37.

It felt good to finish off a workout in good stride, and the 160HR immediately afterwards seemed fairly in line with where I've been at for the past few weeks. Maybe I'll analyze it more later, but now it's time to take Finn out for some fun.

I would like to thank the coach for his great post yesterday, and I appreciate you readers taking the time to submit your training questions for discussion. Mondays are turning into my favorite day of the week.

Training: 13 miles, 1:19:58, 6:09 pace. 4x2 mile efforts (1 mi. recovery) in 5:39, 5:42, (6:35), 5:42, 5:41, (6:40), 5:42, 5:40, (6:56), 5:40, 5:37


Anonymous said...

I see your adding in more faster work. Are you done with hills or just building in a few tempo runs?

Josh said...

Every now and then I look at your splits and am dumbfounded.

Damn, you are fast!

Mike said...

Thanks Josh, but keep in mind I only give splits for the fast miles. Must be an ego thing.

Anonymous, I'll probably still do one more hill workout (at least it looks like that on the schedule), though it will probably be more of a sharpening workout than a strength-based effort. I'm definitely moving more into the quicker running now.

Marc said...

Nice finish on the tempo...I'll have to try your visioning technique, though I'll have to be careful not to let anything else drain out the bottom of my feet.

Going to school at 6:45 AM ?!?

Dusty said...

It sounds like a good workout to me - and the nice tempo run. I have to agree iwth Josh..

I do enjoy reading the Mystery Coach postings.

Hope you had a nice time with Finn!