Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Someone Needs a Nap

If Finn would fall asleep for his nap, maybe I could get some shut-eye too. Oh well, I guess writing a post is fine too. Speaking of breaks, it was nice of the coach to give me a day off from posting yesterday for his first installment of "Ask the Mystery Coach". Keep those questions rolling in so the coach can blow his whole weekend working up the answers. Seriously though, I really enjoyed reading yesterday and look forward to the next one.

As for me, I spent yesterday morning's run doing some pre-race reconnaissance for the upcoming Saguaro National Monument 8 Miler on Labor Day. This is a cruel, hilly race, and touring the course on the day after hill circuits and the day before intervals probably wasn't the best choice. Here's a gander at the grade-

As you can see, it's a colorful course.

The legs didn't feel bad at all after the hills on Sunday, so I ran the race loop at a moderate pace along with Lucas. By the end we were winded, but it felt good to reacquaint myself with this course.

Today the glutes were sore (probably from the downhills), and the quads weren't as fresh as I would have liked. This wasn't great, as the coach had assigned a workout of 3-4 intervals of two miles at 5:40-5:45 pace with a recovery mile at 6:40 pace. After an easy mile I got right to it, and while the legs seemed more inclined to sit at about 5:50 pace I dug in a little for 5:44 and 5:38. The second set came easier, and the breathing was more settled as the miles passed again in 5:44 and 5:38. I was using a one mile stretch of straight road for these, so I'm guessing the "out" was a little uphill. The third set found me laboring a little in the second mile, and the resulting 5:43 and 5:42 confirmed it. At this point I was on the fence about stopping, but since I was close to the track I ran my easy mile up to the school and decided to at least give the fourth set a go. Four times around got me to 5:40, but the legs were ready to call it a day. I gave them one more lap to change their mind, but after a 400 in 1:24 it was time to stop.

All in all it's been a good couple of days, but I'll definitely be going easy tomorrow in hopes of saving up for a tougher back to back series on Thursday and Friday.

Training: Today, 13 miles, 1:19:44, 6:08 pace, w/3x2 mile cruise intervals + 1 mile (1 mile recoveries).
Yesterday, 8 miles, 52:23, 6:28 pace, probably a little too hard over Saguaro 8 mile hilly loop


Anonymous said...

Mike, out of curiosity- do you do any other kind of supplementel training like weights or stretching etc...?

Mike said...

Does the occasional nap count as supplemental training?

Sadly, I don't stretch, I do crunches once every few months in a guilt-induced panic and then promptly forget them, and I don't lift weights.

This being said, I believe the hill exercises I do have some plyometric value, and could be considered weight training.

I just haven't found a way to effectively include the important non-running elements into my routine without it seeming to dig into my running time. Yes, that's a cop-out answer.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't backing you into a corner. Lydiard said his guys never lifted weights. he preached the value of hills. It is so common in training today I was just wondering if you did any. I'm actually looking for a way around weight training. Like you I'm strapped for time and it does cut into my running. I drop the weights than I get injured and can't run at all! It's a catch 22!

Phil said...

Nap time! I remember those days. Still trying to figure out if I can come down for the 8 miler on Labor Day. I won't be in California on Labor Day this year, but my wife will be coming home from California late on Sunday night and would probably like someone to pick her up at the airport.

Still ... a hilly race looks like fun.

Dusty said...

Even your tough workouts are awe inspiring. You are going to do really well in this race. I just wonder, when you are fighiting up a hill or wizzing down one - will you think of the color from the graph? haha - I think I would and end up laughing to myself.

I really enjoyed reading the mystery coach post.

Dusty said...

oh - and meant to ask - when you are sore, do you try any of the glutimine recovery drinks - like Endrox (or, I prefer the harder to find now days - Cytovol by EAS)?

Mike said...

Thanks Phil, I bet you really would enjoy the race. Dusty, that elevation chart reminds me of some of my first work with "MacPaint" years ago. As far as recovery drinks go, I stick with a "special milkshake" fruit smoothie concoction with the kids once or twice a week when Haiden asks. No glutamine, but a fair amount of antioxidants, potassium, carbs and protein.