Sunday, September 23, 2007


Our little diva has a family birthday party today (she'll be 5 this week), so this will be a quickie.

20.3 miles of fun this morning, and all I can say is thank goodness for friends. My pal Catlow helped me quite a bit during the marathon pace portion of the run, and without him running beside me it would have been very easy to let up during the last two miles.

The plan called for 10 miles at 6:40 or slower, then a second 10 miles starting at 5:54 pace then dropping down below 5:50 for the last three. I had a good group of friends to keep me company for the first half, which we covered at 6:43 pace, but only Catlow remained with me for the second 10. Instead of splitting each mile, I decided to just take an overall split for the pace effort. This tends to keep me from surging and lagging as much to make even splits, as I just look every once in awhile at the overall pace as it develops. The first two miles flew by easily, and it wasn't until about 4 miles that I started noticing the effort. I planned the effort as 5 out and 5 back, so at the turnaround I saw 5:53 as the cumulative pace and felt good. Around mile 7 I started having doubts, and I started really concentrating on picking my feet up behind me quickly. I tend to drag and heel-strike when I get tired, and for some reason it works better for me to think about picking my feet up quickly instead of focusing on proper foot-strike.

As I got close to 8 miles I was feeling pretty much done, which is similar to how things went two weeks ago when I did a similar run. Luckily for me, Catlow sensed I was a bit under pressure and started a running commentary on the final miles. Frankly, I was amazed he could actually carry on a conversation at this point as all I could do was scan the horizon for the next bridge, which would signal another half mile covered. Getting to mile 9 was a relief, as I knew the run was finally in the bag. As we crossed under the last overpass and stopped the watch I was grateful to be finished, and happy to see that we held 5:54 pace for the full 10 miles. The planned three faster miles at the end didn't materialize, but holding pace beats three slower miles I guess. Time to rest. Oh, I mean time to party.

Mo: 9 miles easy
Tu: 10 miles w/7x1000 efforts around 3:21
We: 6.2 miles easy
Th: 12 miles w/8x100 strides/accelerations
Fr: 9 miles easy
Sa: 9 miles w/6 at 5:45-5:57 pace
Su: 20.3 miles w/10 at 5:54 pace
Total: 75.5 miles in 7 sessions

Training: 20.3 miles, 2:08:20, 6:19 pace, w/10 miles at 5:54 pace


Thomas said...

Looks like Daddy isn't the only one in the family who wanted to make it in the music world.

Andrew said...

Great workout Mike. That's some stamina.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Hope the party went well.

Nice job with the 20-miler. Now you can start to recover before the big race. Amazing that you can find another person who can keep up with your pace for training. Awesome!

I hope your wife did better with the conditions in Flagstaff than I did.

Amanda said...

Your pace and training still inspire me!! Now how do I convince people to run with me? They all just think I'm nuts.

Greg said...

That is rough way to wind down your training. Way to survive it!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the cooler temps will do for your marathon performance.