Friday, September 21, 2007

Rough Day in the Neighborhood

This happened less than a quarter mile from our house, while the woman and her dog were well off the road's shoulder on a dirt trail. Kiera and I would see this woman almost daily, me while on my run home and Kiera as she headed out upon my return. I run the same section of trail probably 300 days of the year, often covering it twice during the course of a run.

The two arrested at the scene failed the field sobriety test, and had just bought more alcohol minutes earlier at a convenience store 1/2 mile south of where they murdered this woman and her dog.

Runners, be careful.


run the lydiard dream said...

my managers son was shot and killed walking home from playing football last month in liverpool,he was only 11 years old.
rest in peace little ryan

Amanda said...

Wow...that's really all i have on this one.

Marc said...

I cannot imagine the grief and sorrow her family must be experiencing.

You chose the correct word in using "murdered." Some may choose to call this a tragic accident, but accidents are events that are unavoidable.

Be careful out there Mike.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm so sorry that this happened to someone you know. Unfortunately, since my brother is a Phoenix detective with Vehicular Crimes, I can tell you this happens way too often.

Hopefully the dirtballs who did this are not going to see the light of day again...ever.

Dusty said...

I saw that on the news (I still get news emails from AZ) and wondered if that was near you. That is so awful. I must say - I like that the writer took the time to write the breed of the dog and stuff - so often that is left out and I'm sure the dog was a very special part of her family.

What a loss. Going out to exercise on a beautiful morning in Tucson should not end in such an awful death. Too many people think it is OK to drink and drive - well, just this time. I've lost too many friends to drunk killers. Well worded Mike.

Thomas said...

What a stupid, incredibly avoidable ... murder.

Quinto Sol said...

Events like this one p*ss me off... senseless.