Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Staying Out of Trouble

The beard cost me at least 5 seconds

Special thanks to Mystery Coach for his great post yesterday. Also, thanks to all the readers who have contributed questions or comments.

I took things fairly easy today with 13 miles and 6x100 stride/300 jog, and yesterday was similar with 11 easy miles. Last week was a great lesson in respecting my recovery needs, as I know I would have had more trouble during Saturday and Sunday's workouts without taking the rest of the week easy after the race on Monday. Hopefully today's and yesterday's training will let me make the most of the intervals on tap for tomorrow. Enjoy the day.

Training: Today, 13 miles, 1:31:34, 7:03 pace
Yesterday, 11 miles, 1:20:17, 7:18 pace


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Ya, but the beard intimidates your opposition.

Thomas said...

You look rather tense in that picture.

Mike said...

This was taken during the last 800 meters of the race, just after cresting the last hill. I've just gotten dropped by Scott (though I'm trying to catch back on), and I'm surging to try and drop Lucas. Throw in an itchy beard, and you have all the ingredients for a tense runner. Guilty as charged.

Marc said...

Great picture.
Is this your summer of the caveman (a la Duncan)?