Sunday, September 16, 2007

Still at it

Pretty much just tried to stay in the game this week. One day of 800's, one day of tempo/sort of fast longer intervals, and one long run. Here's how the week went down:

Mo: 11 easy
Tu: 13 easy w/6x100 stride, 300 jog
We: 10 w/6x800
We: 6.2 easy
Th: 12 easy
Fr: 10 easy
Sa: 10 w/2x3 mile efforts (1 mi. recovery)
Su: 19.25 miles
Total: 91.75 miles in 8 sessions

I somehow managed to coerce a great group of runners to join me for the long run this morning, and as a result the miles just flew by (with the possible exception of a few singing excerpts of Twisted Sister, Jesus Jones, Phil Collins and Poison). No, I couldn't find a connection between these jukebox selections either, save for the fact that they date all of us a bit.

While the group headed back to the house at about 16 miles, I ran a few more miles by myself to get the the 2h 10m mark. For some reason I headed back into Sabino Canyon for a few more hills, and while I could definitely feel a little fatigue it was nice to end the run while still speeding up instead of slowing down.

All in all I felt good about the week, if only for the fact that I managed to stay out of trouble by not overdoing either the miles or the workouts. Enjoy the weekend.

Training: 19.25 miles, 2:11:18, 6:50 pace


Amanda said...

Not sure how people normally submit their wonderful questons for Mystery Coach :), but I do have one!

What sort of nutrition plan do you recommend to ensure you are fueling for the miles? If you are a morning runner, how important is eating before the run?

Thomas said...

I guess singing Phil Collins songs during the run is one way to ensure you're not running too fast. It might have the opposite effect on the rest of the group, if they're trying to get away from the noise, though.

Blaxabbath said...

Well done, Mike. Let's get a couple more and play nine sometime (for some reason, I don't see you having time for a full 18 holes of golf)