Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wrap Up

Early breakfast with Finn

With the race coming up tomorrow I figured I'd wrap up the week with a post. Here's how it went down:

Mo: 10.5 easy
Tu: 13 w/3x2 mile at 5:42 pace, 1 mi. recoveries (6:35-6:56)
We: 12 miles easy
Th: 10 miles w/7 at 162HR (5:50-6:03 pace)
Fr: 19.6 miles
Sa: 7 miles easy
Su: 8 miles easy
Total: 80 miles in 7 sessions

I really approached this week with some caution after overdoing things last week. My easy days were usually 7:15-7:20 pace, which is more relaxed than my usual 6:40-7:00 pace. I also cut a few miles off of both today's and yesterday's runs to recover from the Thursday-Friday one-two punch and to hopefully get myself right for racing tomorrow. We'll see how well this strategy pays off. Greg Wenneborg, who has won this race eight of the ten times he's run it will be on the line, which guarantees some fairly quick early miles for any brave enough to go with him. Still, anything can happen. I look forward to seeing my pal Phil out there.

Training: 8 miles, 58 minutes, 7:15 pace. Legs feel good.
Total miles for the week: 80


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!

Thomas said...

What's with the beard? Do you think looking like Eric will make you as fast as him?

Mike said...

You call that little bit of dirt on Eric's face a beard?

Perhaps this is the beginning of another "bearded-blogger showdown". Are you man enough Thomas? I'm sure Eric is game.

Thomas said...

Since Niamh promised to divorce me on the spot the day I start even thinking about growing a beard, I think I'll pass.

(yes, I'm chicken)

cindy said...

Hey hey hey! =) I come from a long line of dirt-faced lightly bearded ancestors...

Join the fun Thomas!

Wayne said...

Good luck Mike!

Dusty said...

Go Mike!! Looking forward to reading your race report!