Saturday, October 27, 2007

Calling it Early

I woke up feeling absolutely drained today for some reason, and the run didn't do much to improve things. I originally planned to do a tempo run with the younger guys, but since I decided to take both kids up to see my folks for a sleepover tonight as soon as I get home from work I figured I should probably try to get a long run in since Sunday will most likely be a zero. I wanted to stay out for 2 hours or more, but I just didn't have any energy so I called it early. I blame some sort of bug, as I haven't felt any better as the day has progressed and this seemed to come on suddenly.

Yesterday was a leisurely 12 miles, which passed without incident and without any noticeable fatigue, and Thursday evening I brought Finn along in the jogging stroller for 4 easy miles. All in all a decent week, though I wish I could keep my eyes open a bit easier at 4:30pm. I'm sure a two hour car ride with two kids to Grandma's house will provide enough stimulus to wake me up.

Here's how the week went down:
Mo: 11 easy and slow
Tu: 11 w/3.5 at marathon pace
We: 10 miles w/4.5 at 6:20 (moderate) pace
We: 6.2 miles very easy
Th: 14 miles easy
Th: 4 miles easy
Fr: 12 miles, mostly easy with one 30 second hill sprint
Sa: 15 miles easy
Total: 83 miles in 8 sessions

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Training: Today, 15 miles, 1:47:30, 7:10 pace
Yesterday, 12 miles, 1:22:20, 6:55 pace
Thursday pm., 4 miles, 31:36, 7:47 pace

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