Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Again

Thanks to Mystery Coach for yesterday's Q&A session. I can barely remember my one season of cross-country in middle school, save for a few days of grueling 400's. Please keep those questions coming.

I did end up taking a zero on Sunday, and since I felt like a pile of dog poo it was probably for the best. Unfortunately Monday found me feeling fairly grim as well, and when I eventually did get out the door to run, I did so with one of the worst headaches of my life along for the ride. The legs didn't seem to be too interested either, but with the pounding in my head resonating with each foot-strike it's hard to be objective. I ended up making deals with myself one or two miles at a time until I finally reached the garage after 10 miles.

This morning found me feeling world's better, and for the first time since Friday I felt ready for a good run. With both the shortened long run and the past few days of feeling sick on my mind, I decided to keep the pace mellow but to keep running as long as I felt strong. Things seemed to get better mile by mile, so I worked in two 30 second steep hill sprints at around 3 miles, then when I found myself by the junior high track around 10 miles I put in 6x100 accelerations with a 300 jog. It felt good to turn the legs over, and while I was a bit clunky at first things seemed to improve.

All in all it was a good day, and hopefully this week will find me getting back to normal training.

Training: Today, 16 miles, 1:50:20, 6:53 pace
Yesterday, 10 sad miles, 1:12:00, 7:12 pace

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Chris Field said...

Only you would go run 10 miles @ 7:12 pace on a day with a terrible headache.