Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hearing but not Listening

Dear runners, never bring your loving spouse along to a follow-up visit after a surgery. Problems can sometimes arise due to differences in interpreting the kind doctor's instructions.

"Absolutely not. He said no running for a week, or at least until you see him again on Friday."

"No, he said no EXERTING myself for a week. Running easily isn't exerting myself."

You see where this is going. The doc's actual words were somewhere between the two, though I was sternly admonished by him yesterday when I mentioned the October 21 10 mile race coming up during yesterday's appointment, which followed Thursday's surgery.

"So I shouldn't plan on running it?", I asked. He paused for a second, then looked me in the eye with the same expression I give our 2-year-old when he picks a random wood-chip up on the playground and puts it in his mouth.

"Make my job easier, just use some common sense."

Zeros since Thursday and counting.


Andrew said...

So... are you running the race?

Amanda said...

Nothing I hate more than being forced into no running.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

um, i'm sorry, did i hear that correctly? zeros since thurs?!

running faster with the alien runner! said...

running can become very addictive,some times its good to rest up.when you start again running will seem very exciting and fresh. long term the break will do you only good,after all you only just finished a marathon.
wishing you a speedy recovery.

Thomas said...

Let's look at it that way: it will make sure you're totally recovered from the marathon. Plus, there are plenty of people who advocate some time off each year (I know, you're so not one of them).

In any case, a week of zeros won't hurt you. Just try and stay sane.

Vince A. said...

The lesson learned here is to always avoid doctor visits - they only give bad news with regard to planned runs...