Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The New Guys

Got the word from Mystery Coach to continue with the non-specific longer run thing, so I headed out for 15 miles this morning. While I didn't feel quite as fresh as yesterday, it still went fairly well. I ran down to my brother's neighborhood and back, which brings me through every uphill Gut Check Alley offers. It reminded me a bit of mile 21-25 of the Twin Cities marathon, which seems to just keep going up and up. Thankfully it was 30 degrees cooler.

I was hoping for an evening run yesterday, but a promised bike ride with Haiden along on her trail-a-bike and an impromptu Halloween light hanging stole most of the evening. Oh well.

While it's getting harder to keep up with this blog, I've found some inspiration from other bloggers recently. The Alien Lizard recently posted this inspirational story of Norway's 1995 runner of the year, who just happened to be 56 years of age at the time. So much for me worrying about slowing down at 36.

Also, I've been enjoying a few new blogs lately. "By7" is runner training in China with a very full life, and Justin is a former Division 1 collegiate runner continuing his training after a move to Hawaii. These guys are both worth a read.

Training: 15 miles, 1:44:45, 6:59 pace

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Mark said...

Mike, Good reference to the "old guy" story as its been a motivator of mine for the past 18 months. -mark