Friday, October 12, 2007

Too Long Gone

"Mike, this might be better left for MC’s 'Question & Answer' period on Monday, but given you raced last weekend, I’m curious about the length of your recent runs, 49:51 and 1:02:05. I realize everyone has their own strategy, and we all recover at different rates (me quite slowly), but your jaunts appear on the aggressive side … thoughts? Do you have any immediate goals?"

My pal Michael, who is gearing up for the Rock and Roll marathon in Phoenix, Arizona this January posted this in the comments the other day, and it seemed like good fodder for a post.

As far as my runs starting out a bit long, I guess they are when compared to after other marathons. I pretty much just headed out the door on Tuesday planning on 4 miles and things just felt good. Wednesday I felt even better, which led to an extra 10K of easy running in the evening. Usually I can barely run during the first four days or so after a marathon, so my thoughts are that the conditions (and perhaps my condition) and the slower pace kept me from damaging my legs too much.

The other thought in the back of my mind was a small medical issue that necessitated fasting (including fluids) from Wednesday night until Thursday afternoon (thus no Thursday run), and a resulting recovery of anywhere from 2-5 days after that with no running. With these unavoidable zeros in my head, I probably subconsciously got back to it quicker than I normally would, as no running for a week straight would almost certainly put me in the loony bin. I mean, just look at Patrick these days. If I start writing about poop I will most definitely have gone too long without a run.

Training: Wednesday pm., 6.2 miles around 8 minute pace. Zeros since then.


Patrick said...

Hey, poop can be a very compelling subject! I was successful today btw.

Dusty said...

Hope your medical stuff went well. I hate tests where you can't eat or have to drink nasty stuff. Throws me off for a couple days.

Congrats on the fast recovery -- not many people can bounce back like that with zeros in their head or not.

Oh - and get a flu shot so you don't miss lots of running like me. The flu is BAD this year!!

Abadabajev said...

Usually I can barely run during the first four days or so after a marathon

Why would you attempt to return to running after a major peak?

The Russians believe after a 20 week cycle, you should take some major downtime to recover physically but mostly mentally. Yes mostly mentally. You also mentioned that you'd go loonie if you weren't able to run after a couple days rest. Again the Russians recommend to stay active but to find another activity to occupy your time. Included in a well designed system, are recovery months, recovery weeks, and recovery days which composes a full year. Each play an equally important role. Your recovery time after a full marathon should be 4 weeks (20% of cycle duration)

You can only super peak twice per year. So choose your races carefully. What you decide to do in between major races is brutally important.

I believe crafting good recovery periods is often neglected or forgotton about it. Those are required in other to super compensate and push forward for the next plateau.

Good luck. And I hope you rest accordingly.

Here's my motto: Train hard but rest hard also.

Michael said...

I can't blame you Mike, I think I would've done the same, right or wrong, but the same.

Anonymous said...

abadabajev, what your running experience? Do you have a public blog of your training? I noticed you are always giving Mike advice and you seem to know a lot. Just curious on what your knowledge has brought you in your own affairs.