Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Tired

Thanks for all the comments wishing our daughter well. She is recovering remarkably quickly, and today she is happily back at school.

As for me, it's been nose to grindstone with work and running. Sleep was minimal Sunday night thanks to our son confusing night for day, which was tough after the long run. As a result I cut Monday's run to 13 miles from a planned 14, and I spent the rest of the day struggling to keep my eyes open. Last night was much better, and as a result I enjoyed tackling a series of hills over and over around Sabino Canyon this morning. While I didn't have the gumption to sprint up any of them, I was able to hold pace and work on flattening each one out without losing too much momentum. Hanging out in the Canyon that long also revealed a total of 6 deer, which is pretty good for that locale.

After about 10 miles I could feel some fatigue, but it was the good kind of tired where the body knows it's up to the challenge. I hate to admit it, but I absolutely love this kind of training when I'm healthy and when the weather cooperates.

Sorry for the absence of "Ask the Mystery Coach Monday". It will return next week, so keep those questions coming to mysterycoach AT gmail DOT com.

Training: Today, 16 miles, 1:49:40, 6:51 pace
Yesterday, 13 miles, 1:32:25, 7:06 pace

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Michael said...

Nice consistent training and last week, despite Haiden’s troubles (glad to hear she is recovering well), was epic. Will that be one of your peak volume weeks during this preparation; have you run that far in a previous build? After this down week, I’m looking at making the next two weeks my peak volume.

All the best in the days ahead!