Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Mush

While walking our 5-year-old daughter to her classroom I spotted a big contruction-paper turkey taped up to the gate. It was made by her class, and each student wrote what they were thankful for on the overlapping tail feathers. I cringed at the first one: "I'm thankful for our Playstation". Next: "I'm thankful for money".

I asked Haiden where hers was and she pointed to a brown feather. "I'm thankful for my family". This girl is all heart.

9th place in the cross-country turkey trot, and I was lucky enough to win a pie this year. Kiera is a wonderful baker, but she can't stand pumpkin so I never get any squashy-dessert-goodness. I ran 5 seconds off my best time from last year, but given the training as of late it could have gone much worse.

Up to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Hope those of you in the States enjoy the holiday.

Training: Today, 10 miles, including a 5K in 16:54
Yesterday, 12 miles, 1:24:36, 7:03 pace


Ron said...

That is so awesome that your daughter wrote that. Keep up the good work...and the running too.

Thomas said...

Congratulations, enjoy the pie. And you can be especially proud of bringing up your kids with better values.