Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sad But True

When our daughter wakes us twice and our son wakes us once during the night, it can be hard to get going in the morning. I was guilty of setting the coffee maker back one hour after the third interruption, and as a result I didn't hit the roads for the run until almost 7am.

21 miles over two runs in the legs from yesterday, as well as some faster running on the docket for tomorrow meant just getting out and putting some time in today. Still, the late hour and some residual fatigue from both running and work stress made it a little tougher than usual to get out of the house. With this in mind I brought along the old iPod for a change, which proved to be the ticket for getting through the miles.

Sadly, I plead guilty as charged to doing a few air-guitar windmills to Death Cab for Cutie's "Crooked Teeth" while padding along Territory Boulevard. Yes, this is my wife's music. Whatever gets you through the run.

It felt good to get this run in the bag.

Training: Today, 14 miles, 1:38:00, 7:00 pace
Yesterday pm., 5 easy miles, 37:30, 7:30 pace


Justin said...

Ipods seriously come in handy sometimes. Especially when you are feeling tired. You know what gets me though. It is when you see two people running side-by-side and both of them have head phones in their ears! I laugh everytime. Usually this only happens near gym's and certainly only during really nice days. Defintely not during a cloudy day or if it is cold out! haha

Abadabajev said...

Keep piling those miles.

Greg said...

Good Lord Mike. You seem to be a man on a mission.