Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Schedule This

The wife is in Chicago for the week, work is nuts and our daughter is home again from school after her fever returned yesterday. Thank goodness for kind and loving in-laws taking up the slack and coming over early enough for me to squeeze the daily runs in.

Look forward to short posts and hopefully long miles from a frazzled dad this week. Crazy hills today with my new "Quadruple Butt-Kicker Loop", featuring four different steep hills for 30 second hill sprints. Tried a bit of marathon pace but after a mile thought better of it and jogged the rest of the way instead. Snuck in an easy 5 miles last evening to get ahead on the miles before Kiera left this morning, and ran a nice, easy 12 with Lucas Monday.

Training: Today, 14 miles, 1:37:46, 6:59 pace, w/4x30 sec hill sprints, 1 mile at 5:55
Yesterday pm., 5.25 miles, 7:36 pace
Yesterday am., 12 miles, 1:23:58, 6:59 pace


Chris Field said...

Hey Mike and/or Mystery Coach-

What is the minimum distance or time that you think one needs to run on a second run of the day to make it beneficial to their training?

I am following Daniel's marathon plan A right now and I love the flexibility of his programs but it also leaves me with several questions about how to split up my daily mileage.


Mike said...

I use Pete Pfitzinger's rule of thumb, which dictates that a second run should be at least 30 minutes. Any less and it doesn't seem worth a shower and the extra laundry. Mine (the few I do) are generally between 4 and 6 miles.

Chris Field said...

27-30 minutes was sort of my minimum also Mike and then I had several guys seemingly ridicule me for splitting up my weekly mileage as follows:


Total - 76

They seemed to think there was some enormous difference (aerobically and for the benefit of higher mileage) in running all of your miles in only one run rather than splitting it up a little bit.

I honestly am in a position where I can run as much as my body can handle at any time of the day so I don't mind doing them all as longer runs in the morning, I just know that is much tougher on the body than splitting it up some.

Anonymous said...

Is it hard on your body to do all your runs in singles, or have you been told that it is harder on your body to do all your runs in singles?

If you believe it is much tougher on the body, then it is. You've subjectively convinced yourself that it will be harder.

If you try it, and it is harder on your body, you've objectively determined the effect.

Something to think about.

Mystery Coach said...

Chris, One athlete that I knew ran 2 miles (at a very slow pace for him) before dinner every night. I asked him why not tack it on in the morning (he ran long in the mornings like you) he said the "2" at night made him feel loose for the morning runs plus it added 14 miles per week. Since he ran 31 minutes for 10K and 2:30 for the marathon it worked well for him. As long as the secondary workout helps the primary one I think your on the right track.