Tuesday, November 20, 2007

See That Red Octagon?

It turns out a titanium wedding ring can really do a number on the painted hood of a new Honda CR-V. I unintentionally found this out this morning while getting out of the way of said vehicle as its driver failed to look right while simultaneously rolling through a stop sign. What kills me is that I watch this happen over and over as parents exit from DROPPING THEIR KIDS OFF AT SCHOOL. When the driver rolled down their window, I made sure to mention that it could have been a kid instead of me, and that if they were shorter than the hood they would probably be dead. To their credit they apologized, but I really don't have much patience for this type of thing.

Lots of running, not much time to write about it. 17 easy miles yesterday morning, followed by another 5 in the evening. 14 a little faster this morning, and hopefully a light day tomorrow before the 5K Turkey Trot on Thursday.

Training: Today, 14 miles, 1:35:30, 6:49 pace
Yesterday am., 17 miles, 2:00:25, 7:05 pace
Yesterday pm., 5 miles 37:30, 7:30 pace


Michael said...

Those are some serious epic numbers, I’m impressed. Is this marathon build, “building” on the others, i.e. will the volume this time around be the largest? Are you looking at trying anything different in your preparation for Phoenix?

Keep up with the mileage!

duncan said...

Insanity. Glad you are ok. Good luck in your race; don't expect an awe-inspiring time after the record mileage you've been logging.