Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speed...Sort of

Mystery Coach assigned 10 x 1000's today, starting every 5 minutes and trying for 3:25-3:30. It was sort of a speed workout, though the speeds were right around 10K pace (5:30-5:37 per mile pace) so it was difficult to hit the times without slowing down for the second 400, then slowing down more for the final 200. I was definitely dragging for the 4 mile cool down, which surprised me given how the repeats felt pretty good up through 9 of 10.

14 miles daydreaming yesterday morning, then 5 easy miles in the evening.

Work is still crushing my soul (and putting a cramp in my blogging), so that's it for now.

Training: Today, 12 miles, w/10x1000 on 5 minutes in 3:24, 23, 23, 24, 24, 23, 24, 21, 22, 22
Yesterday, 14 miles am., 1:36:40, 6:54 pace
Yesterday, 5 miles pm., 37:30, 7:30 pace

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Amanda said...

Soul crushing, well that's never really a good thing is it...thank goodness you have running and such a good family!