Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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Turnover. Mine is usually a bit slower than I'd like, especially when I'm running easy. Nobby Hashizume mentioned as much after watching me during an easy run and later at the Twin Cities marathon. Since I've been cheating a bit and using the iPod on a few runs I've noticed that the beat for the song above feels drop dead perfect for practicing turning the legs over at a good clip, whether slow or not.

Spoon is one of my favorite bands, mostly because they've been trying to remake the Beatles Revolver for the past 7 or 8 years with their own songs. So buy their album, load this "Black Like Me" song onto your MP3 player and pound the pavement in time. Pause it for a minute before the second verse as you keep running, then hit "play" again and see if your turnover has slowed or has stayed the same tempo. If the latter is the case, feel free to shout along with the "yeah, oh yeah's" after the second chorus. You've earned it.

Training this evening: 5 easy miles, 37:50, 7:34 pace. Yeah, oh yeah


running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

yeah man sounds like the beatles on acid to me !
interesting subject cadence.when i got my G.P.S. i found that by going for a faster leg turn over and shorter stride i could run faster than my normal longer stride.lance armstrong put hours and hours into learning to pedal faster, its more efficient,you can maintain a higher speed,keep going for longer and use less energy.think of your self as soft touring harley motor bike revving to 6000 revs, with training on your cadence you could transform your self into a high revving honda G.P. racing bike.
look at the leg speed of most top runners ,its fast well over 90 rpm more like 95 - 100.
try a shorter stride on hills too,work at turning the legs over real fast,you will reach the top quicker and less in oxygen dept than if you go at your normal stride.do arthur's leg speed session once a week,you will big improvement in your leg turnover.

Eric said...

I put a 30 second 180 bpm click-track on my iPod, just to check out the stride rate once in a while. Seems to work well enough.

Why/how is using an iPod while running 'cheating'?

Mike said...

I thought the Beatles were already on acid for Revolver after meeting Dylan aound the time of Rubber Soul. Good stuff though.

I like thinking of a quicker stride rather than a shorter stride, as when I focus on the latter I tend not to push forward and lock out the legs at take-off.

A click track? Eric, don't make me call you Ringo (hmmm, maybe Larry Mullen Jr. would be better for you). Ipods and such are fine by me, but I think they do take away a bit from the whole sensory experience of running. I bring mine along when I need an extra push to get out the door.

Paul said...

While they may be aiming for Revolver, "The Underdog" is pure Neil Diamond with the heavy bass, solid horns and foreboding tone.

Mike said...

You might be right on that one Paul, but don't forget about "Got to get you into my Life". Crazy horn action on that one, though a bit brighter sounding.