Sunday, November 25, 2007


I drove into the parking lot at St. Philips plaza at 7:02am, and for perhaps the first time ever the group I was meeting with decided to start the run on time. I could see five runners scampering away quickly while I put the car into park, and a minute or so later I was panting and making my way on to the tail of the group. 16 miles of hills, trails and good conversation followed, and it ended up being a nice way to end this week's running. Here's how it went down:

Mo: 17
Mo: 5 easy
Tu: 14
We: 12
Th: 10 (5K race)
Fr: 10 (in Phoenix for Thanksgiving)
Sa: 22 w/last 2 at marathon pace
Su: 16
Total: 106 in 8 sessions

I was bummed to not get at least another double in, but with the two short days of mileage for the race and the day after I guess I shouldn't complain. Hope everyone else had a good week.

Training: 16 miles, approximately 1:56:00, 7:15 pace


Thomas said...

106 miles in singles despite 2 short days due to a race ... wow! You're well and truly on the high mileage wagon.

Has the talk about optimum training vs. maximum training gone out of the window?

Mike said...

I had one double thrown in on Monday, so that padded things a little bit.

I guess time will tell if I'm at maximum, optimum, or somewhere in-between at the moment. I'm enjoying the training instead of dreading it though, which I take as a good sign (the perfect weather helps).