Sunday, November 18, 2007

Working the Weekend

Two 12+ hour days in a row on my feet at work drained some energy today, and while the run went well I was happy to get home to the kids for a few minutes before going in to work yet again. All right, enough with the pity party. Here's how the week went down:

Mo: 13
Tu: 16 on hills
Tu: 5 very easy
We: 14
We: 6.2
Th: 11 w/7 between 6:16 and 6:23 pace
Fr: 20 w/10 at 6:16 pace
Sa: 13
Su: 14
Total 112 in 9 sessions

The bad: No dedicated hill sprints or strides and only two doubles
The good: Back to back moderate pace running, good mileage, and avoiding getting divorced or fired during my busiest work week of the year.

Hope your weekend is...Well, a weekend at least.


Andrew said...

Great mileage Mike!

duncan said...

Good stuff man. I'm amazed at how you fit it all in : running 119 in 9 sessions, parenting, art showing, and then blogging. With dedication comes results. In front of my daughter's school this week there's a great quote from Twain on the school's entrance. It's worth sharing here: "The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary."

Anonymous said...

You are a true inspiration. WIth 2 kids myself and a 9-5 reading your blog makes it hard to say "i can't" when the 5:30 alarm goes off.

by7 said...

119 for a busy busy week ???

you should write a post about your nutrition and/or recovery techniques...
Probably there is in Tuscon some super food that we are missing ...

Mark said...

112 mile would top the leaderboard this week!

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments all. Duncan, while my blogging has taken a bit of a backseat with everything going on, your series from India has been awesome. Readers, check it here if you haven't.

As far as nutrition goes, I'm sad to say that with being so busy this week it's pretty much been coffee, halloween candy, finger food from the art show and Kiera's cookies (she bakes them for the gallery to give away on show weekends.

As for my recovery, last evening it involved waking up from 10pm-12:30am while our son cried and carried on for no discernible reason, waking again at 4 to turn off the irrigation when a leak was spraying loudly against the house, then finally waking again at 4:45 when the coffee starts before the 5:30 run. I think anything I wrote on recovery and nutrition for the past two weeks would read more like a parody.

Also, Duncan stretched the actual miles by 7 so don't get too excited.

duncan said...

Sorry about that. Ah, what's 1 more mile a day during the week? Wait....nevermind.