Sunday, December 09, 2007

Airline to Heaven

The wife and kids were out at the gym, so I came home to an empty house after closing the door on another long run. Coffee brewing, cold pizza and gatorade in hand, and this great DVD on in the background.

"Them's got ears, let them hear
Them's got eyes, let them see
Turn your eyes to the lord of the skies
Take that airline plane, it'll take you home again
To your home behind the skies"

-Airline to Heaven, Woody Guthrie (music by Wilco & Billy Bragg)

I took that airline plane today and enjoyed just about every minute of this run. I put pace out of mind and just trusted the legs on the 11 miles out and 11 back, and ended up averaging 6:35 for the first 18 before the Garmin farted out and I had to reset it. The legs got a bit anxious for the last four, which went by at 6:25 pace. I kept waiting for the bonk after heading out a bit quicker than usual, but thankfully it never came. Woohoo.

Aside from a little soreness coming out in the adductors during the last 5 miles, the body seems to be coming back fairly well from the run last Sunday. Here's how the week went down:

Mo: 10 easy
Tu: 12 miles
Tu: 5.5 miles very easy
We: 12
Th: 16 (tired last 4)
Fr: 11
Sa: 12 in the rain
Su: 22 easy/moderate
Total: 100. Just made it.

I'm really enjoying Mystery Coach's schedule this time around, especially the last eight weeks before the marathon. By putting in a harder/longer workout every other week (8, 6, 4 and 2 weeks out) I seem to be recovering better than I did when I was killing myself every weekend for this race two years ago. I also like the confidence that a weekly 20+ miler gives me, as well as the higher mileage overall.

I'm really looking forward to the marathon in January.

Training: 22 miles, 2h24m, 6:33 pace w/last 4 at 6:25 pace

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Mark said...

very sweet week; you must be salivating