Sunday, December 16, 2007

Downhill From Here

I'm sure Ask the Mystery Coach Monday will be back next week, but to make sure send your training questions to mysterycoach AT gmail DOT com. In the meantime...

The week that was:

Mo: 12 miles
Mo: 5 miles easy
Tu: 10 w/9x1000 on 5 minutes
We: 15 miles
We: 6.2 miles
Th: 14 miles
Fr: 13 miles w/7 at 6:06 pace
Sa: 20 miles w/10 at 6:01 pace
Su: 15 miles
Su: 5 miles very easy
Total: 120

I keep getting stuck at three doubles per week, though I can sort of blame the weather and Modest Mouse for me not pushing it to four. Saturday and Sunday ended up being 20 miles apiece, so I'll be starting next week with a slow and easy day. I'm still feeling full of running, which I take as a good sign. Next week starts a steady decline in the miles over the last four weeks of preparation before Phoenix, though some more specific speed-work and faster paces should still tire me out plenty. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Training: pm., 5 miles super easy


Andrew said...

That is some wild mileage, Mike! Must be peaking for the race?

Abadabajev said...

yahooooo 120 'Bout bloody time LOL

Where have you been? LOL

I missed you LOL

I've been wanting this all year from you. High mileage. That's your 'thang'

I knew you could do it. Now I am really impressed.