Thursday, December 06, 2007

Heed the Light Blue

The running has been fairly pedestrian since the marathon on Sunday as I try to heed Mystery Coach's ominous light blue "recovery" shading on the PDF schedule for this week. After 10 easy on Monday and 12 easy on Tuesday morning I decided to meet up with the Workout Group after work and get in an easy 5 1/2 miles before heading out for pizza with the gang to wish our local team good luck at cross-country club nationals this weekend.

It could have been the can or two of Old Style at Rocco's Pizza or the double that day, but for whatever reason I dragged through the last four miles of a 12 miler yesterday. The soreness from Sunday came back at me a bit towards the end, and I finished the run feeling fatigued. As a result I canned the planned second run with the gang that evening and ended up shopping for jeans with my wife (having a brutally honest spouse is good for this sort of endeavor). Yes, I am aware I just wrote that I skipped a run to shop for jeans. This is the price of recognizing a need for recovery and indulging it.

Two pairs of jeans and a good night of sleep later found me on the road for 16 this morning, and it couldn't have gone better. The soreness is gone and I felt like I had my stride back.

Training: Today, 16 miles, 1h48m, 6:49 pace
12/5, 12 miles, 1h23m, 7:00 pace
12/4 pm., 5.5 miles very slow & easy


Greg said...

Old Style in Arizona? I had no idea. I thought it was exclusively a Chicago thing.

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

hi mike, did the mystery coach really tell you to run 12 miles as a recovery run?
i think you will run a great marathon next month,but i think some short easy runs would be in order this week, after all you have done the hard work already, take it easy mike, all the best

Dusty said...

Good job on listening to your body and skipping the double. I know that is hard for you. I'm glad your body rewarded you for it quickly!

Anonymous said...

Mike do you plan on updating your log?

theythinkiamcrazy said...

You are an inspiration Mike. I'm a new reader of your journal and I am blown away by your dedication and training. I am curious about where you started from, meaning when you first started running what where your race times like?