Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Thank you Mystery Coach, thank you readers, and thank you family for continuing to put up with this (and me).


Thomas said...

Dead cute! And I'll keep the advice from the experts in mind, at all times.

Merry Christmas!

Chris Field said...

That was fantastic!

Hope your holiday was great; I can't wait for you to blow the marathon away next month.

Dusty said...

Merry Christmas!!!

That was too cute! :) I know you are going to shine in 2008! I'm looking forward to watching you blow by in the RNR when I'm in Phx!

Gregg said...

Awesome! Good stuff. Is it easy to get video on the blog? I've never looked.
We got another 12 inches of snow over the last 3 days.