Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike Runs

Yes, more of the same I'm afraid. Time has been minimal for blog reading and writing, so here are the goods for the past two days:

Wednesday: Got a late start after getting to bed at midnight. Calf muscles got a workout the evening before from standing on a forward-slanting floor while watching Modest Mouse perform. Worth the sleep deprivation and the $38. For the run I scooted around my normal loops for 15 miles and just kept things easy. In the evening I met the gang from the shop for another 6 and listened to their stories from Cross-country Club Nationals in Ohio. Very jealous.

Thursday: Hit the road late again after Finn woke up an hour earlier than planned. We hung out, read and played with Little People until Haiden and Kiera finally woke up later. Once again I was crunched for time, but I managed 14 miles. The legs felt it a bit today, and I was definitely a little fatigued from either the intervals on Tuesday or a combination of the intervals, the concert and the double on Wednesday.

I'm still shooting for making this my highest volume week, but the weather early this week has left me playing catch up while simultaneously trying to stay ahead of the recovery curve. Yes, that last sentence did sound like ordering the vegetarian taco with extra bacon.

Training: Today, 14 miles, 1h38m, 7:06 pace
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles around 7:05 pace
Yesterday am., 15 miles, 1h43m, 6:54 pace


by7 said...


you are risking overburn.
You are already in good shape. Pulling the ropes too much will perhaps give you 20 seconds, but most likely you risk to feel empty on race day.
Remember that as amateur runners, all the "non running" obligations put a lot of strain to our recovery !!

Mike said...

Probably a good observation. I did skip the planned double last night for an evening with the family at Tucson's zoo lights, and I feel better for it. Perhaps the kettle corn and cocoa will aid my recovery a bit?

Chris Field said...
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Chris Field said...

Hey Mike-

I found Running The Lydiard Way on for under $50 which was about a third of what the others were priced.

Do I also need Running To The Top for now or should I be fine for a while?

Mike said...

Chris, if you can splurge for it I think you would be better served by "Running the Lydiard Way". In addition to Arthur explaining his methodology and presenting sample schedules, he includes many great stories about coaching in different countries over the years. Some of them are quite funny.

If you bought the former I would see absolutely no need to get "Running to the Top". Just now I searched on and bought a second edition of the original "Run to the Top" for $20. They have another one on there you might check out (ships from New Zealand). They also have "Running the Lydiard Way" for around $30.

Chris Field said...

I didn't see the Running The Lydiard Way for $30 but I did find one shipped for about $48 from It's really strange to me that some of those cost $150 each. I wonder if people ever buy those.

Glad I don't need Running To The Top for now. The wife will certainly prefer that :)

Thanks for the help.