Friday, December 21, 2007

The Recovery Curve

Mystery Coach advised seven miles at 6:06 pace for this morning, and after an easy ten miles yesterday and the gift of sleeping in until 6:30 I felt I should have no problem with the paces. Since I was out on the road fairly late I decided to give the track a go to avoid traffic as much as I could. For some reason school is still in session here, which of course meant I was trespassing. Luckily for me no classes were on the field when I showed up, so I got down to business after three miles of warm up.

I tried running the first 1600 by feel, but when I came through at 5:55 I knew I had to keep a better eye on the splits. I continued on into the second mile and came away with a 6:02. Again I went back to running by feel, but when I caught a glimpse of the boys' P.E. class heading towards the field for flag football I pushed the final 200 for a 5:59 to get out of the way before the teacher could pull me aside for another lecture, which I managed to avoid.

As I ran off the track and out of the parking lot with the tempo still up, I could feel a little stress during the fourth mile as I ran uphill for an out and back stretch. The pace hovered right around 6:02, so I worked on keeping the same speed while relaxing on the downhill portion. With two miles to go it started to feel a little like work, and when I finally hit the watch after the four mile stretch on the road I was happy with the 6:02 pace for those miles and even happier to be done.

I do notice that this week is finding me a little sluggish on the runs when compared to last week, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I might have swung a little outside of the recovery curve with the miles and efforts of Friday through Sunday last week, and it will probably just take a little more time to get back on the right side of things. I'm still able to handle the efforts, but I'm feeling a bit less graceful and relaxed when I do. No, I never feel all that graceful.

Tomorrow is the long run, which I've been cautioned to take it easy on by Mystery Coach. The goal is simply to finish it feeling like I have five or more miles left in me, or at least that's how I'm approaching it.

Training: Today, 12 miles, 1h17m, 6:28 pace, 5:55, 6:02, 5:59, then 4 at 6:02
Yesterday, 10 miles, 1h11m, 7:06 pace

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Dusty said...

I agree that it is probably your efforts last weekend. I'm sure the workouts will seem smoother soon. I wouldn't be concerned. You will do amazing in the rnr!