Friday, December 14, 2007

"Santa Doesn't Do Livestock"

Zoo Lights with the family

The planned double evaporated in favor of taking the family to the annual zoo lights. Haiden enjoyed talking to Santa (no, not the inflatable one above) and asked for a family of bunnies. Last year it was a pony of course, to which my wife (who took the photo avove) responded, "Santa doesn't do livestock."

I took advantage of the extra rest and pushed the back to back workouts up a day, which meant 7 miles at 6:09 pace this morning (specific, eh?). Since I'm having a hard time meeting the mileage target this week I extended the warm up to four miles, but even so it was still completely dark when I started the effort. From the start I found myself a little ahead of schedule, so it was a matter of constantly dialing back a little every half mile or so when I looked at the watch. This of course feels much better than having to chase the pace, so I'll take it. The miles ticked off between 5:59 and 6:05 for the first three, slowing on the inclines where I would start to feel the effort in the lungs when I would start to labor a little while sucking in the cold air (by my standards 37 degrees is cold). By the time I was finishing mile 7 I was at 6:06 pace overall for the effort, which ended up having a little bit of a net downhill. I did feel like I had three or more miles in me, which is good considering I have 10 on the schedule for tomorrow after running 10 easy miles to warm up. I'm just hoping those three seconds I inadvertently clipped off from each mile today don't come back to bite me then.

Training: 13 miles, 1h27m, 6:42 pace, w/7 mile effort at 6:06 pace

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