Saturday, December 08, 2007

Still Here

Yeah, things are a bit hectic. Cold and rainy 12 miles very early this morning so I could spend the rest of the cold and rainy morning volunteering to continue irrigation work at our daughter's preschool. Thank goodness I was able to leave after a few hours to spend the rest of the day at work. Yes, I do get a little bitter on Saturdays. Still, it beats the snow, slush and ice many are already contending with so I'll stop my complaining.

11 yesterday, early again. Need to work on getting a bit more sleep for the next few nights to rest up for what should be my peak volume week starting Monday.

I did update the log a bit (thanks anonymous), though all I had time to do was put the miles per day in for most of it. I'll work on it some more next week.

Training: Today, 12 soggy miles, 1h23m, 6:57 pace
Yesterday, 11 miles 1h16m, 6:54 pace

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike! I just enjoy referring to your logs for a guide.