Monday, December 31, 2007


4136 miles for 2007, up from 4071 last year.

Since the coach is keeping me in single digits I logged another 9 today, and aside from a lot of hacking I felt like I barely touched the ground. I hit some trails in Sabino Canyon just to keep things slow, and enjoyed every minute of the run. It was a nice feeling to keep for an hour on the last run of the year. I wish you all no injuries and lots of PR's for 2008.

Training: 9 miles, 1h4m, 6:57 pace. Trails, trails trails


Chris Field said...

Wow, that is a ton of miles. Congrats on that and on staying injury free (as long as I have been reading, I guess).

Your PR is coming very early in 2008.

Love2Run said...

Holy s&%$ that's a lot of miles! I'm eager to see you pop a great one in 2 weeks. Happy PR year!

Mark said...

just want to let you know my wife ran 4,213.47 miles in 2007, way up from my measly 2,663.50

Best of luck to you and everyone else in '08!

Mike said...


Dusty said...

Ahhh... like the no injuries part... I've been wishing PRs for others - but no injuries - very important! :) I wish that for you too!

Stellar miles!! I'm in awe. Give me about 4-5 years and I might be kinda close... well, maybe. I'm actually counting them this year. Glad you had a really enjoyable run!

Thanks so much for your comments this year. Some of the things you have said have stuck in my mind while out on the road or in a race.

Marc said...

Ok, so after an oil change and rotating the tires you are all set for 2008!

Well done.

Grellan said...

79 miles per week average is very impressive.

Wishing you success in 2008.