Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two Weeks

I think Mystery Coach is taking another week off, so I doubt there will be an "Ask the Mystery Coach Monday" tomorrow. Get those questions in for next week at mysterycoach AT gmail DOT com. In the meantime, here's how my week went:

Mo: 12 w/7x800, 2:29-2:33
Tu: Christmas goose-egg
We: 14 moderate
We: 6 easy
Th: 14 easy
Fr: 10 w/6 at 6:00 pace or so
Sa: 17 w/10 at 6:39 pace, 6.5 at 5:58 pace (blah)
Su: 9 easy
Total: 82

Well, it kind of looks like a taper if you take out the crappy day I had on Saturday. In a perfect world I would have made the 17 miler into 20 and finished with a smile on my face, but it didn't work out that way. I also would have made today's run 12 miles, but Mystery Coach laid down the law about backing off on the miles until this sinus/cold/congestion/(infection?) thing is gone. Saturday night seemed to be the worst of it, so hopefully I'm on the mend already.

I appreciate all the "rest and recover" comments, and I agree with the advice. Aside from the 800's and the back to back workouts, this really was an easier week than the last 8, with about 20% cut from the usual miles. I have a feeling the body will appreciate the cut in volume more once I'm feeling better, and today's easy run was a good start.

Training: 9 miles, around 1h4m, 7:05-ish pace
Total miles for the week: 82 in 7 sessions


Dusty said...

Happy New Year & get well soon! Glad you are taking the rest & relax advice... also remember to shake off Saturday & today remembering you were not 100%. Don't let it hang over you. Looks like you are about race ready!! RNR, here you come!

Chris Field said...

2 weeks Mike. Be start, stay sharp and get the body fresh.

PR coming up!

Chris Field said...

That should say *smart* not start :)

Phil said...

Hope your "sinus/bronchial" issues clear up quickly.

I wish all the best to you and your family in 2008. Thanks again for all your advice over the past couple of years.

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

better to be ill now than in 2 weeks.happy new year from the lizard !

Thomas said...

Glad to hear that Mystery Coach is in agreement.

Happy New Year, Mike.