Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Voice Of Reason

The skies were starting to darken and ominous clouds floated above Sabino Canyon. Instead of getting in a second run while the getting was good, I kept my word and dragged out the new trail-a-bike for some practice with Haiden. Gone are the days where she would fit in a seat suspended above my bike's rear tire, so we're on to the next step with a one wheeled contraption that attaches to the back of my bike. It has handlebars, pedals and a normal seat, but an arm fixed with a clamp replaces the front tire. Haiden manages well enough on it, but if we ever want to take it to school we need to get in some more practice first on more seldom-traveled roads.

Upon our return I changed into running clothes while Kiera cooked a pot of chili, but as I grabbed my watch I heard the thunder rumbling and saw the first flashes of lightning. The rain started out calm enough, but as I looked out the window I made the mistake of saying "Do I really need this?". I've spent several mornings recently running through the rain, and I guess I'm a bit soft for it. My wife was quick to answer my question with the obvious response. "No."

I waited a few minutes, then I heard the hail and wind buffeting the house. I decided to sit down and eat chili instead, and I could sense Kiera was happy to see me being reasonable about this sort of thing for a change. Thank you Voice of Reason.

Later on, with the kids in bed and the rain down to a soft drizzle I announced I was heading out. "Your behavior continually amazes me", she said (tone indicating this isn't the good kind of amazement). Five easy miles followed, and I felt a bit smug and satisfied for getting it in. I'm a small, small man.

This morning called for another dose of 10x1000 on five minutes at no faster than 3:21, and unfortunately I could hear the rain pounding the house over the gurgling of the coffee maker gurgling. Low 40's, a stiff breeze and big raindrops. I asked last night's question softly while staring out the sliding glass door at the conditions, but unfortunately Voice Of Reason was still sleeping in the next room.

I'll make this quick.
#1. 3:21, Lane 1 is a moat. Shoes soaked, shorts are sticking, still too dark to see the biggest puddles
#2, 3:19, See number one above, but there's a decent sized tree off this side of the track where I can get some shelter from the rain and wind while I shiver
#3, 3:18, Still too fast as I'm getting through the first 400 around 77 in an effort to warm up after standing around for 1:40. No tree on this side
#4, 3:23, Force myself to slow down on this one, remembering coach's "no faster than 3:21, your legs will thank you later this week" email. Thank you tree
#5, 3:20, Sun is up enough to see the reflections in the puddles, still can't see the watch
#6, 3:21, Numb fingers turn into numb hands, I can see the watch now. For a few seconds I feel like a bad-ass for doing the workout in spite of the conditions. Tree=good
#7, 3:22, Numb forearms now and I've lost the adrenaline rush. Hope to get through 8
#8, 3:22, Bad feeling in pit of stomach (voice of reason or chili?). The tree is leaking
#9, Step into the infield after 600 on 1:59. The body said STOP...NOW.

Grabbed the long-sleeved shirt that I balled up and stored on one of the giving tree's limb, shivered two miles home.

Still trying to figure out if this was a good idea or not. Hopefully Voice Of Reason isn't reading today, as I think I know what she would say.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1h14m, w/8x1000 on 5 minutes at 3:21, 3:19, 3:18, 3:23, 3:20, 3:21, 3:22, 3:22, 1x600 in 1:59
Yesterday pm., 5 miles, 37m, 7:25 pace
Yesterday am., 12 miles, 1h26m, 7:14 pace


running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

I THINK YOUR A TRUE HERO,but other more reasonable people [ie none runners might think you got a real addiction problem !!! ].
but i will think of you pounding round the track on a dark wind swept freezing wet morning the next time the little voice in my head say's "you really don't need to get wet and cold again,stay inside your nice warm bed and rest a while"!!!

Chris Field said...

Ah, the voice of reason. I have one of those that sleeps next to me at night :)

On another note, I am looking to buy a couple of Lydiard books and wondered which ones were best for a Lydiard beginner. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself lucky. Here in North East PA we have chunks of ice bolting from the sky with head winds of -5 degrees. It will be that way till at least next March.

Vince A. said...

My favorite training advice is to run as many miles as you can, as fast as you can run them, up to thhe limit of getting hurt, fired, or thrown out of the house. You have succeeded once again.

Thomas said...

Why the harsh words? Those workouts will put something into the bank that you will be able to withdraw later. Tough workouts and conditions like that will also train your mind.

Grellan said...

Voice of reason or not the question you have to ask yourself is would you do it again? No need to answer.

Mike said...

Chris, I'd search half.com or perhaps abebooks.com with some regularity to find "Running the Lydiard Way" (it's cheaper than "Run to the Top" but almost the same.

If you don't go for those, you could go with either "Running with Lydiard" or "Running to the Top". I started with the latter but Running the Lydiard Way really helped.

Also, "Running your Best" by Ron Daws is a great Lydiard-based book, and probably one of the most inspirational running texts I have ever read. Like most good running books, it's also out of print. However, I've found it for $15 online on occasion. Good luck in your search and I'll post if I see a good deal in the future.