Sunday, December 16, 2007

What's Cookin'?

...A big, messy pot of endurance, that's what. Today I could feel some of the benefits of the last 7 weeks of training, and it felt good.

When our 2-year-old got up early I snuck him out of the house quickly to allow the girls to sleep more (wife and 5-year-old daughter that is), and we spent some time at the muffin place reading the paper and scarfing pastries. By the time we returned home and hung out with the rest of the family it was getting late into the morning, and with the back to back workouts plus an extra five miles last evening I really didn't feel much like running at all. Still, I told Kiera I'd stay out for at least 10 and up to 15 if things went my way. For the first five it was slow and taxing as I did my best to take it as easy as I could. I hit the hills in Sabino Canyon and ran some neighborhood loops, still thinking I would probably call the run at the minimum miles. Soon enough eight miles turned into nine, and when ten came around I felt like the legs were just getting into the swing of things. I ended up getting in all 15 and returned home with some spring in the legs.

Bigger single runs really do seem to be paying dividends now, and with one month to go until the marathon it's a matter of trying to bottle that elusive feeling of getting stronger after the first hour of running.

Training: am., 15 miles, 1h45m, 7:00 pace

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Chris Field said...

Sounds like a good end to another solid week. Now get rested up and ready to roll!