Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Devil Wind

Crazy windy for the past two days, so I guess I'm glad to be putting in mellow runs. Yesterday the legs pulled me along at a good clip, and today I had a nice run on a mix of roads and trails with my pals Jason and Lucas. We opened the front door to the smell of Kiera's coffee cake and scones. Yeah, I'm a lucky guy.

To counteract the "double" from the oven this morning I'll be putting in a double today by joining the gang for an easy 10K this evening.

The lungs and head are finally draining out, so I'm starting to feel better. Crazy at work so that's all folks.

Training: Today, 8 miles, 56 minutes, 7:10 pace
Yesterday, 8 miles, 54 minutes, 6:45 pace


Chris Field said...

Glad your feeling better. Keep those runs easy; the work is done!

Dusty said...

Sounds nice. Looking forward to cheering you on at the RNR!