Thursday, January 31, 2008

Easy, a Bit Less Easy, Easy

Just turning the wheels this week and trying to finish the recovery from the marathon three weeks ago and the 10K this past weekend. Started the week very easy, then gradually started introducing a few short bursts (hills yesterday and strides/accelerations today). A gentle long run will end the week. Hope you all had a good one.

Training: 2/2, 8 miles, 57m, 7:08 pace, w/8x300 jog, 100 sprint
2/1, 8 miles, 53m, 6:40 pace, w/2 hill sprints
1/31, 8 miles, 55m, 6:59 pace
1/30 pm., 6.2 miles easy in 44m
1/30 am., 8 miles, 53 minutes, 6:40 pace
1/29, 8 miles easy, no watch
1/28, 10 miles, 1h13m, 7:15 pace


Chris Field said...

Good to see you taking it easy, Mike. Hope the body and mind are starting to feel fresh.

What's your plan over the next few months/season?

Marc said...

Nice week of recovery. Hope you have enjoyed the gentle runs - you deserve a break.

Abadabajev said...

Ok. you tied your 10k 34:11
Like I said not long agao, you will pulvarize every PR you have displayed on your front page in 2008. If you allow a recovery period(and you are doing it now....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS), you will explode with speed and stamina when Mystery coach pens you a new routine. I am very excited for you in 2008. I have followed your blog for sometime now, and I have never seen you take a recovery like this. Just browsing through some of your slower paced runs, i find some of them are still too fast however. Try a 20k run in 100 minutes. That's 5 minutes per kilometer.

Stick with your high mileage. 120 miles per week is your niche. Someone asked me in your blog several months ago(can't remember now who), about you going back to high mileage, and I clearly remember stating that you could do 20 miles per day. I truely believe that. You have a tolerance to high mileage. Of course this means you need to be away from your family for well over 2 hrs per day.

I look forward to your best year by far in 2008.