Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ran an easy 10K with the Running Shop gang last evening, which meant no morning run for a change. This is probably the first time I've done this run with fresh legs, so I enjoyed the feeling of having something extra and not using it.

Today the coach suggested a few faster miles, so I traced most of the slow down loop and put in two miles right at 5:50 pace towards the end. I'd like to say it felt incredibly easy, but for some reason I could still feel the effort a little. It did feel better towards the end, which I took as a good sign.

My friend Scott was the only one who mentioned the article in the paper on me the other day, so I guess that either says something for the Tucson Citizen's popularity or something about mine.

Training: Today, 7.5 miles, 48m, 6:40 pace, w/2 miles at 5:49 pace
Yesterday, 6.2 miles in 43:20 or so, very easy


Dusty said...

Sounds to me that you are ready! I'm flying out Friday. I'll see you around 5.5 miles in - I'll be the blonde w/red sweats screaming and cheering for you!! Good luck!! You'll knock 'em dead!!

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

hi mike,
your screaming fit,
this is your time,
your race,
think of Arthur lydiard looking down on you with a big smile on his face,
feel the power in your legs,
the confidence in your stride.

Greg said...

Best of luck on Sunday Mike.

I would have brought signed copies of the article to your run.

Chris Field said...

Go get 'em Mike. You've put the work in already, go grab that PR!

Abadabajev said...

I'm back. I had a chuckle when you said you feel too good in an earlier post. Somehow I comprehend you. It must be difficult to come home from your runs this week with the brakes on and a full tank of gas.

Anyway, I hope you're shoving plenty of pasta and honey down the hatch this week. And no alcohol beverages. That's my department.

And what were you thinking quitting after 7 1k repeats the other day? Just kidding.

Sharpeners are used to squeal the tires and rev up the motor into the red zone just for a few seconds to look for unnecessary leaks under the hood. So cutting the engine early was the correct thing to do.

One word of caution for Sunday's marathon: Please don't devour the 1st mile and go under 6.

Ron said...

I know you'll do great, have fun running that Marathon!

Eric said...

Have a great race, Mike! Run smart the first few miles, and stick with the plan. Good luck!

John W said...

Good Luck tomororw Mike. I am anticipating a great race report.