Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Slow News Day

Makes me miss the beard

The author is a good friend to Tucson club runners, and I enjoyed speaking with him. Just for clarification, I've been in Tucson and at my art gallery job since 1989 with the exception of a year and a half in Portland, where I met my wonderful wife. For you locals that might remember, the triathlete in the story was Kelly Thompson. He actually spoke to Kiera's class though, I don't remember her working on him (though she probably wouldn't have been opposed to it). Those 40 pounds put me at 213 lbs at 6'2", and I don't miss them nearly as much as the beard. I plead guilty on the Hall and Oates and make no apologies.

I'm glad he got Arthur Lydiard into the story, but the thing about not being worried about running a set amount of miles was my attempt to downplay the false reputation Arthur gets as an advocate of long, slow distance.

Yesterday the legs felt amazingly good, and I ended up putting in 6.5 miles at an easy but quicker than usual pace. Today was a taper workout to simulate the first 30 minutes of the marathon this weekend. Mystery Coach suggested 10 minutes around 6:15 pace, then 10 at 6:10 and the remainder at just slower than race pace. These paces weren't set in stone as much as guidelines on how to progress through the run. I intended to do a mile of warm up, but when I saw I was at 6:30 pace a half mile into the run I decided to up the tempo and get right to it. I checked the pace every five minutes or so, and gradually saw my average drop from 6:18 at the end of the first mile to 5:58 overall when I finished the 30 minutes (5.1 miles or so). The lungs are feeling quite good, and while I wanted the legs to feel just a little better I guess I can't complain. I was supposed to put in 3x1000 on 5 minutes by feel afterwards, but since the track was off limits with school back in session I opted for a few half mile efforts on the road. The first one put me at 2:23, but by the end I was starting to feel it. I opted for one more in 2:28, then jogged it home when it felt like I had worked hard enough. I'm through with the second guessing at this point.

Training: Today, 8 miles, 48m, 5:59 pace, w/5 miles at 5:58 pace, then 2x800 at 2:23 and 2:28.
Yesterday, 6.5 miles, 44m, 6:53 pace. Felt too good.


Mark said...

Nicely written article about you. I've always thought Jeff Galloway got tagged with being a big advocate of Long Slow Distance. If someone really read Lydiard they shouldn't get that impression.

Best of luck to you in the marathon this weekend. I hope the weather and all works out for the best.

Chris Field said...

You're famous :)

Nice write-up.

Grellan said...

Great article Mike, does you justice. Looks like you're in top shape for Sunday. Give it your best.

Love2Run said...

I like you comment 'felt too good'. How ofter does a runner get to say that? I'd say, 'looking good for Sunday'!

Andrew said...

Great article! I didn't realize the beard was gone! Am I back to being the only one?

duncan said...

Sweet article; embrace your caveman roots again, Mike.

Glad you got some publicity: You deserve it.

So when are you going to drop an unsolicited manuscript off at the editor's desk of Marathon and Beyond or Running Times?

by7 said...

you are ready ...
I wish you all the best for the weekend.
Beef up in carbo-loading !!

Thomas said...

Cool article, though I'd say you got serious about marathon running a lot longer than a year ago.

Dusty said...

Very cool that they wrote an article about you, but for some reason, I can't get it to open. I'll try again later. Kudos!

Ewen said...

Slow news days are good news days Mike. Nice article - even if none of your training partners read it ;)

Good luck for the marathon - you're set for a PB. I hope the weather is kind.

Hey, you can always grow the beard again.