Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taper, Marathon, Taper

On Monday I stretched the legs out during an 8 miler with 8x300 jogs, 100 accelerations/sprints, just to get the legs used to the idea that they're going to have to start moving faster for the spring race season. While I felt a bit rusty, it did feel good to shake the cobwebs a bit. I followed up with an short and sedate five miles yesterday before emailing Mystery Coach to ask about a possible workout to sharpen up before the 10K on Sunday.

After the Twin Cities marathon in October I found myself in a similar situation, with a race scheduled two weeks afterwards. Last time the workout preceded a 10 mile race, and I think now that I probably left too much out there with this in the log:

"12 miles, 1:16:02, 6:21 pace, w/2.5 mile effort at 5:54, 5:45, 5:44(.5), 10 minutes easy, then 3x1 mile in 5:32, 5:24, 5:13 (.75-1 mile rest)"

At that time I just wasn't recovered enough to handle the volume, and I think the workout probably did more harm than good.

This time Mystery Coach advised an easier two miles at 10:32, either run on the roads or as relaxed 79 second quarters on the track. I put on the new flats and decided to finish breaking them in by doing the workout on the oval at the nearby junior high. After a three mile warm up and a few strides I got to it, and the first mile went by with four laps at 78 seconds. The coach's email mentioned that I should definitely bag the workout if the legs felt like they were filling up from the effort, so I started paying attention as I started into the second 1600. After two more 78's I started feeling the effort, but the legs were still in it so I continued on to finish with two last 78's.

All things considered, I'm feeling pretty good this week. By keeping the miles low and adding shorter bursts of intensity I'm hoping the body treats this week like a continuation of the marathon taper (I know, it's a lot to ask). I'm pretty confident the endurance is pretty well capped off, so a little sharpening and a lot of rest might bring me around enough to not embarrass myself Sunday.

Training: 1/23, 7 miles, around 50m, w/3200m in 10:28 (all 1:18 quarters, spooky)
1/22, 5 miles, 34m, 6:58 pace
1/21, 8 miles around 7m pace (Garmin futzed out)


Chad said...

How do 78 second 400s equal 5:28?

Mike said...

I meant 10:28 for 3200 meters. I typed 5:28 by mistake. I said "miles" instead of 1600's somewhere in the post too, so I should apologize for that too.

Greg said...

You missed a comma in your 13th sentence as well.

Eric said...

Also, there's no apostrophe in 78s.

Mike said...

At least we're focusing on the important stuff here.

Evan Roberts said...

For a music fan 78s are exactly the right pace.

Mike said...

Best song about 78s right here, by Richard Thompson-

Don't Sit on my Jimmy Shands

backstreet runner said...

Thats not like you Mike, I thought you would be on another 100 mile week !
Maybe you have seen the LIGHT

Marc said...


Drop the decimal and carve up the '1' into a colon and you have 5:28.

Geez, I thought everyone knew that!

Eric said...

If you type 58008 into a calculator and turn it upside down, it's really funny.

That's all I have.

Mark said...

ah the lighter side, thank goodness.

Good luck in your race on Sunday!

Chris Field said...

Hope the race went well this morning Mike!