Saturday, January 05, 2008

"This is the Long Run"

...What there is of it at least. I hit the road a bit late this morning and was wondering whether or not to make today's or tomorrow's run the long run for the week as I padded along. Mystery Coach is keeping me on a short mileage leash, so I was restricted to 90 minutes or so. Still, if I did the run today I'd be left with a grand 20 minutes when I got home to shower, dress and eat breakfast, which is a bit of a push.

All those thoughts evaporated when I noticed I was really rolling on the downhills, and that overall the body felt great. When I looked at the watch I was down to 6:45 pace at about 30 minutes in, which is when I decided that today was the day for the last long run. The rest of the run felt nice and smooth, and the only time I really felt the effort was at just past ten miles when I ran a steady 2K of uphill before turning around to head home. It was a good day.

Training: about 14 miles, 1h30m, 6:34 pace.


Ewen said...

Mike, I've been a long-time reader. I thought it was time to 'out' myself.

It seems like you did the right thing, stopping after seven 1000s yesterday, by the way you felt on this run.

That's one of the difficulties of being coached by email. The coach can't see how you're handling a session and tell you to stop early (or do more). You're doing well though.

Eric said...

Sounds like everything is coming together. Don't beat yourself up over lower miles, fewer reps, and slower paces--you're tapering! It's as much a part of the process as the hard stuff.

One week to go!

Dusty said...

Sounds like you are ready to "Rock N Roll" haha - I amuse myself. You are going to do so great in the RNR, I smell a big PR! Your runs are really looking good!

Hope you made it to work or wherever in time! :)