Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bum Week

I was hoping to charge out of this week feeling rested, recovered and ready to start more specific work to target the races coming up this spring, but instead I've found myself floundering a bit. The ankle strain on Wednesday meant cutting short that run, skipping the planned double later that day and skipping the run the next day. While Friday felt great, I found myself tired and listless on Saturday and Sunday.

I can blame the fatigue in part on this being the busiest work week of the year, but I've also not done enough to make sure I'm getting enough sleep while this work stress is going on (yeah, the kids don't help either). To this end, my goal this week is to get myself into bed by 9 for one week.

Here's how things went down over the past seven days:
Mo: 6
Tu: 10 w/8x300 jog, 100 sprint plus 2x800 downhill
We: 7.6 and a strained ankle
Th: 0
Fr: 10 w/7 at 6:13 pace
Sa: 12 tired
Su: 5 tired
Total: 51

I'd like to think I'm pretty much recovered from the marathon last month, but work has thrown a monkey-wrench into things. I'll start more focused workouts in the coming days, but I'd like to get one or two good runs in my legs first. Hope your week was better than mine.

Training: 2/10, 5 miles, 36m, 7:06 pace
2/9, 12 miles, 1h23m, 6:52 pace


Michael said...

Some consistent sleep will definitely work wonders. I suspect that if you’re able to get some needed rest, that by week end you’ll be laughing. Still, don’t rush things (stress is stress whether it’s mental or physical, and I’m not talking about hair-pulling, rolling around on the floor stress, just busy stress).

So, running, what’s next? What spring races are you looking at, are you going to trying and knock that 5k PB back a little?

Chris Field said...

Your week was better than mine my friend. I am 6 days out from my goal marathon and have had fever for the last six days in a row.

Anonymous said...

Fever is sweeping the country. 6 days no running so far= BUMMER! Looks like a bad week all around.