Friday, February 15, 2008

How do you do it?

The weather in Tucson, Arizona has softened me. How you guys and gals can keep your head up while running through sleet, snow, ice, wind, muck and the like is beyond me. Today I waited for as long as I could before heading out into a cold and windy rainstorm, and it was all I could do to stay out there for the full ten miles. I dodged puddles on the junior high track for two miles of 300 jogs/100 sprints, then circled around Sabino Canyon for awhile before putting in 1x800 downhill. The back of my knee has given me a few little pains while I'm sitting during the day, so when it started to feel a little "thick" about 400 in I decided to cut the planned three repeats to just one. The cold wind and rain made it that much easier.

Yesterday I put in an easy 11 miles, though I still felt a bit fatigued after eight. I can't quite figure out why, but I still think I'm behind the recovery curve with all the extra hours at work, and my plan to get in eight hours of sleep a night collapsed after two nights.

Wednesday felt fairly good after Tuesday's workout, and I probably took it a little too fast in the morning. I followed up the 11 miles with another 6 with the gang from the shop, and thankfully we just jogged along easily.

I had been thinking about a 5K this weekend, but I just don't feel motivated or ready. A nice easy long run followed by my second day off from work this month sounds good. I'm confident that next week will find me feeling better, and hopefully I'll feel a bit more motivated in the morning once winter leaves again.

Training: 2/15, 10 miles, 1h11m, 7:02 pace, w/8x300 jog/100sprint + 1x800 downhill
2/14, 11 miles, 1h18m, 7:05 pace
2/13 am., 10 miles, 1h8m, 6:50 pace
2/13 pm., 6.2 miles in 44m


Evan Roberts said...

Rain is worse than snow for running in. But the aftermath of rain is better than ice.

Anonymous said...

Here in NEPA we are on our 4'th month of ice/sleet/snow everyday. Temps at 5:00 AM when I run have been below zero. It's starting to get old. I'm moving to Tucson. OTOH I recall enjoying my beatiful summer mornings running in 70 degree temps when Mike was posting about 100+ degrees. On second thought maybe I'll stay put.

Thomas said...

In the summer you'll be the one reporting temperatures of 100 degrees, and we'll be the ones wondering "how does he do it?". It all comes round, I guess.

Dusty said...

ahh, thanks for saying you get tired too, I was starting to think I was just getting old, which makes me cringe to even type.

I LOVE to run in the rain, but my AZ blood is still in me, I had a hard time getting out there yesterday in the COLD rain & wind. Warm rain - GREAT. I text mesg my coach and asked about lightening. He told me to get my butt out there. All the motivation I needed, but so sad that I needed it. I actually had fun out there. My friend who was going to run w/me from Utah actually wussed out and ran on a treadmill.

I much prefer heat too.

Wellpark said...

There is something inspirational about the lighter nights and warmer weather as it draws in. It re-energises and brings new determination to pull on the shoes and embrace the day. None of which can be fully appreciated without the colder darker days, keep running into the sunshine!


Simon said...

Mike, not sure how you deal with the heat in the summer though. I know you get up early to beat the heat, and for me that's the hardest part, getting out of bed that is...