Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Still struggling to find time to update this week. The gallery I work for has pretty much been holding me hostage for the last 9 days, and at this point I think I'm beginning to sympathize with my captors. I volunteered to stay an extra three hours this evening just so that I could get my work done without constantly being interrupted by customers, phone calls and post-show problems. This should all blow over once the show it wrapped up, but my rest and recovery have been less than ideal.

Yesterday I got out the door late, but for the first time in several days I felt good during an 8 miler. This morning I headed out for 2-3 reps of 2 miles at 5:55 pace with one mile recoveries at 6:45 pace. I snuck onto the junior high track for the first two reps, and both felt controlled at about 11:43 and 11:44. For the last rep I ran down to my one mile loop, and during the last mile I could definitely feel some pressure on the final mile. I think I stepped over the red-line here a little, and while it was a bit of a drag to find it at 5:52 pace, I guess it is what it is. A few nights of good sleep and some time off my feet should improve things.

2/12, 11-ish miles, 1h11m, w/3x2 miles in 11:43, 11:44, 11:46 w/6:40 mile recoveries
2/11, 8 miles, 54m, 6:50 pace


Dusty said...

Well, at least the long work hours are matching up with your injury and other issues instead of dragging out for weeks. How did the ankle feel?

Mike said...

Hey Dusty. The ankle is still a little stiff and sore, and I still feel like the ligaments on the outside are a little unstable, but if I stay on pavement it doesn't seem to bother me much (knock on wood).

I think if it was the right instead of the left that I wouldn't be running ovals on the track, but lucky for me it's the left one.

Ewen said...

Working long hours doesn't help when trying to run some distance and quality. Hang in there Mike and get back into it on the other side.