Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out With the Trash

At the top of Finn's reading list

"MAN IN!!!! MAN OUT!!!" 2-year-old Finn spends much of each day screaming this as he's either jamming his sanitation worker action figure in or trying to pull him out of his big plastic garbage truck. The boy is fascinated with garbage and the people who handle it. Even his favorite book is about a garbage truck. "Know what I do while you're asleep?", it reads. Finn shouts the next line- "Eat Your Trash!!!"

If you're an employed suburban runner, you're probably quite familiar with the sanitation workers in your 'hood. Ours mercifully wait outside the subdivision until 6am before they start raising their unholy racket. I gave them a wave at 5:50 as I finished my first mile and headed out onto bigger roads.

Today was a good day, yesterday was a zero. I just felt like I needed one day of no running to get me hungry again, and when the coffee maker started gurgling at 5:01 I was ready to get out on the roads before the rest of the house woke up. By the time I passed the garbage truck I was feeling good, though I kept the pace modest at the urging of Mystery Coach. At nine miles I felt it: The stride was fluid and the road pulled easily under each step. The last three miles were an exercise in restraint, which was certainly welcome after many days of dragging on the way home. "Two more days of this and I'll be back," I remember thinking as I touched the garage door.

Training: 2/19, 12 miles, 1h23m, 6:58 pace
2/18, Big Fat Zero


Love2Run said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. At first I was worried when I saw the cartoon but then the story was good. Nice run.

Chris Field said...

Nice to see you getting back to your old self Mike. You have deserved the rest and recovery.

Tommy said...

how can you get up at 5 am for a run, unbelievable

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments. Mike, if you ask the wife about my running clothes she would say the cartoon (book cover) is appropriate for me after all.

Tommy, for me it's a matter of setting the coffee maker to start at 4:58. If I don't get up and get to it by 5:03 it starts beeping like crazy and it wakes the kids up. Works like a charm.

Tommy said...

i always feel very bad for the first 20mins when i start running very early ( in my case 6.30 :-)), at the beginning the heart rate is very low, after 30mins i am able to run faster and the heart rate is higher than usual....but anyway it´s very hard for me to run early even if it fits best with the kids, maybe i will get used to it, will see