Friday, February 08, 2008

"You Better, You Better, You Bet"

"But you're like Wolverine. I'm sure you'll be fine tomorrow." -email from the wife upon hearing about my ankle woes.

Swelling: Down to "mild"
Motivation: Through the roof

Did the planned workout with the coach's blessing. 7 miles of good ol' marathon pace plus 15 seconds per mile. The ankle seems fine as long as I stay on pavement and watch the turns.

Training: 2/8, 10 miles, 1h6m, 6:39 pace, w/7 miles at 6:13 pace


Chris Field said...

Good to hear! Keep playing it smart, Mike.

Grellan said...

Excellent recovery from what copuld have been nasty.

Ron said...

Nice Mike. I "strained" my ankle a few ago during basketball. Doing just what you said, staying on pavement and take it easy on turns -- a few days later it was like it never happened.