Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bad News

Our son's love for the garbage man came back to bite us last evening when he realized he'd left his beloved trash man action figure at a friend's house. Yes, he sleeps with a sanitation worker action figure. Anyone have a problem with that?

Anyway, he took the news with just a sad pout and watery eyes at first, and after a few minutes we thought he was over it. -At least we did until he walked up to the screened front door and yelled out "Trash man, WHERE ARE YOU???" a few times. Poor kid.

I'm dealing with some bad news of my own, and unfortunately it's affecting the running a bit. Back in October I had a hydrocelectomy to rid myself of an annoying condition that probably started after an inguinal hernia operation I had when I was three months old. I didn't mention what the surgery was for back then, as I thought it would require a few days off and a few days of easy running.

Needless to say, I have the same thing going on again, only worse and more painful. Apparently I'm in the lucky 1% that have a recurrence after the first surgery, and this time it's actually getting in the way. Mornings are better, but by the end of work it's usually pretty painful, which makes the evening runs either sparse or nonexistent.

It seems a resolution for this is still a few weeks off, as I'm off to a different specialist to make sure I don't have another inguinal hernia like our pal Patrick (actually I think he had a few different hernias if I remember right). It was either that or he had some warts on his knuckles removed, I forget now.

The pain this time around also seems to cloud the diagnosis, and I'm considering getting a full work-up with blood and urine to complement the sonagram I just had, just to rule out epididymitis or some other infection (which I'm suspecting is present given the symptoms). I'm skipping links for all this nastiness.

As it stands, I'm running long or fast when it doesn't hurt much, and short and/or slow when it does. I'll do a double if I don't think it will kill the run the next day. If a workout falls on a bad day I'll move it if needed. This doesn't help with my planned mileage increases, but it is what it is. My strategy, which seems to be helping, is the "I.I.U." method: Ice, Ibuprofin and underpants. Yes, running in tighty-whities seems to work.

I'll eventually end up with either a hernia surgery and/or another hydrocelectomy, and hopefully it will work this time.

As for the running, yesterday's 12x100 sprint/300 jogs and one downhill 700 seemed to be pushing the limit of the jostling, and today's 18 went off without a hitch.

Oh, I finally updated the log too.

Training: 3/22, 2h, 6:43 pace, felt good but legs a little tired by the end
3/21, 10 miles, 1h9m, 6:53 pace, w/12x100 sprint/300 jog and 1 downhill 700.


Blaxabbath said...

Maybe give the ol' Superman undies a go?

Thomas said...

Poor Finn, I know the pain. Lola cried for two nights when she lost her favourite teddy last summer.

And your bad news don't sound much better. I'm glad you didn't provide any links, I get queasy enough as it is.

Dusty said...

OK, I was going to google until you said why you didn't post links. I'll just stick with my belief that it sounds painful.

Hang in there!! Maybe the super garbage man can protect you and make you well? Better tie a string to him so he doesn't sneak out to clean up the streets again.

by7 said...


best wishes for a good recovery ...

Michael said...

I hope you feel better soon and that you manage to get things sorted... you'll be out the door on a regular basis as you were only weeks prior. Enjoy the forced R&R and take care ~ ciao!

Ewen said...

Yes, hang in there Mike. The 'U' part of the I.I.U. strategy should help with that ;)

Joe said...

These blogs are supposed to be about navel gazing, bro ... I think you're looking too low.