Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mike Runs

Art show at the gallery where I work this week, so definitely a shortage of posts. It ended up being a decent week, though between altering the Tuesday workout and feeling like I needed to move the long run back a day things could have been better. I'm feeling miles and miles from my marathon fitness when it comes to bagging longer runs, but the daily paces are coming around with a bit more ease and I'm actually getting in my strides and accelerations/sprints.

At the moment I'm gearing up for a 5K on the track on April 11 and a 5K cross-country race a week later. I'm thinking about adding the local Race for the Cure 5K as a workout with an intentionally slow first mile, but I have yet to bounce that off Mystery Coach so I can't say for certain.

Hope you all had a good week.

3/30, 15 miles, 1h41m, 6:47 pace, felt good
3/29, 10 miles, 1h10m, 6:58 pace, delayed the long run
3/28, 9 miles, 1h1m, 6:53 pace, 10x300 jog/100 sprint, w/last mile at 5:44 pace
3/27, 11 miles, 1h17m, 7:00 pace
3/26 pm., 6.2 miles in 43 minutes, felt easy
3/26 am, 9 miles (see post below)
3/25, 14 miles, 1h34m, 6:48 pace, felt good
3/24, 10 miles, 1h11m, 7:04 pace, w/12x300 jog, 100 sprint
Total: 84 miles in 8 sessions

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Dusty said...

Nice job getting your runs in with the heavy workload of hours.

I hope your art show went well. I look forward to your race reports! Good luck at them!