Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Change

Thought I had an appointment today to see whether or not I have a hernia, but as I was driving down the hill into town towards the doctor's office I looked at my intake packet and realized I was a week early. Guess this is how my mind works when I'm a bit stressed out. At least I had enough extra time to post today due to my snafu.

Last week ended with 78 miles, which was much less than planned. Hopefully this week will be a bit better, but I'm more concerned with starting to ramp up for a 5K on the track on April 11 and a 5K cross-country race on April 19. The race on the track will be another attempt at sub-16, but judging by today's workout I still have a ways to go in that regard.

Mystery Coach assigned another 3 mile run consisting of descending 400's, starting at 1:33 and dropping down to 1:13 on the 9th lap before backing off a little for the last few. It was very similar to this workout from last Thursday, but this time around I had to alter it before I bombed out.

The plan/The reality

Asterisks explained: While I felt fairly calm and relaxed on the 1:19, I really started going over the aerobic edge on the 8th repeat. I felt like I was clawing towards the line just to hold pace, and when I noticed I was falling off pace while I ran out of breath I decided to call it after the 1:17 and finish up with four relaxed and fast 400's with a minute rest. I did this because the legs still felt good and seemed ready to do more work while the lungs seemed past their limit. It was an on the spot audible, but at the time it felt right and when the 9th 400 went by in 1:12 without having to strain after taking the short rest it felt like the right decision. I ran the last three in the same fashion, and while I wasn't checking any intermediate splits I could tell I was running each one a little faster. The final repeat found the legs wobbling a bit on the last turn, so it seemed as good a time to quit as any.

I need to email with Mystery Coach to try to interpret this, but I'm guessing the results today point to me missing something towards the top of my aerobic range. I think the weekly back to back sessions during marathon conditioning normally help take care of this, but that sort of work just isn't possible during the racing season. We'll have to come up with some sort of compromise, and ideally the goal workout today worked towards that end with its continuous nature (before I altered it).

On the health front, things down under seem to be holding steady with the I.I.U. regimen. I'm bummed to have to wait another week for the exam, but I'll make do.

3/25, 14 miles, 1h34m, 6:48 pace, felt good
3/24, 10 miles, 1h11m, 7:04 pace, w/12x300 jog, 100 sprint
3/23, 8 miles, 54m, 6:50 pace


Michael said...

Nice w/o, I'm interested to see what MC has to say (& what he thought of your change).

Dusty said...

"the legs still felt good and seemed ready to do more work while the lungs seemed past their limit."

Boy, can I relate!! Catching your breath sounds smart, but I know the amount of rest is important to achive a specific result, so I'm curious what Mystery Coach will say. I think even if you altered it in a way that doesn't get what the aim was, you still got a good workout in regardless, so although different, still good.

Good luck w/the medical stuff.

Blaxabbath said...

You better get those balls looked at before the LIBS get into power. You think an extra weeks wait is bad -- wait until every Enrique, Jose, Mohammad, and Tyrone in the northern hemisphere decides they need FREE (to them -- not to my kids who are going to have to pay for it) emergency care before anyone in this OBESE nation is going to worry about some jogger's (their words, not mine) overuse groin injury that he could have avoided if he would have just been more responsible.

Nah -- I'm just kidding. I listened to 3 hour's of Hannity's "Stop Hillary Express" today. I hope your jock ends up being alright one way or another.

Ewen said...

I was going to say what Michael said.

I'd say, a good switch. The faster 400s at the end should help with the sub-16 goal.