Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sasha's Revenge

View from the end of leg 27

Ragnar Relay, 181.7 miles, starting at 6pm Friday

1. Fast Running Blog / St. George Running Center 17:04:37
2 The Running Shop 17:46:35
3. Google 18:50:01

Sasha and his Fast Running Blog friends took us to task early and continued to turn the screw throughout the race. We kept it fairly close (6-7 minutes back) throughout the first 12 legs, but by the end they were well out of reach when they took the well-earned victory.

I had a great time with our fantastic team, and I'll post some pics and video once I get it sorted out. Right now I'm out the door for a slightly sore and very slow recovery run. I was truly inspired by the great running by our team out there, as everyone really seemed to put out their best efforts, leg after leg. Special thanks also go out to Sharon Bart and The Running Shop, who sponsored us for the race, and to my pal Lucas for putting it all together.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Leg 1, 2/29 7pm., 6 miles, 33:46, 5:38 pace
Leg 2, 3/1 2:11am., 7.08 miles, 40:24, 5:42 pace
Leg 3, 3/1 7:29am., 5.5 miles, 33:11, 6:07 pace (500 feet climb over 3.5 miles)
Throw in some warm up and cool-down, and it came out to around 22 miles for the trip


Thomas said...

Sounds like a great trip, can't wait for the pics/video.

Greg said...

Did you take it easy on that first leg, or did your competitive juices take over?

Mike said...

I pretty much threw caution to the wind and went for it, but I did resist the urge to sprint it out for the last 400 in an effort to recover a little faster.

The second leg I resigned myself to really killing the first half, so I was a lamb being led to the slaughter there. The profile showed about 3.7 miles slightly downhill, followed by about the same uphill. I knew the uphill would hurt regardless, so I went all out and stayed under 5:30 pace for the downhill. It did hurt quite a bit at the end.

Adam RW said...

Mike, I was one of the slower guys on the FRB team and I have to admit you guys had me scared. I wish I would have gotten to know some of you better. You had a great team and I look forward to a rematch in the future. -Adam

Jeff said...

Mike, you guys ran a great race! Nice that both teams beat the defending champions. It was nice meeting you at the start (I was the guy who did the 2:39 at PF Chang just behind your fine finish). Keep running strong.